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Incontinence Products

Bladder Control     Gloves 

Incontinence issues can be a very personal, difficult situation. We understand your need for privacy and simple processes. The Supply Services division at Travis Medical is specially trained in the products we sell and how best for you to receive those products. For your discretion, you will be assigned one account manager within our organization. This account manager will be available to you when call and only they are privy of your needs. They can also arrange for discreet shipping directly to your front door. Call Travis Medical today to see if our incontinence products are a solution to your needs. Purchase!


  • Diapers/Briefs (pediatric, youth, & adult)
  • Pull Ups and Underwear (pediatric, youth, & adult)
  • Underpads/Chux
  • Bladder Control Pads
  • Undergarments
  • Male Guards
  • Booster Pads
  • Moisture Barrier Cream
  • Gloves