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Augmentative and Alternative Communication Device

Travis Medical prides itself on the wide selection of products we offer, which allows us to offer the most appropriate product selection and a perfect fit for each client. We offer products from a variety of manufacturers each offering a wide variety of features, sizes, colors, and accessories.Chat Pad

Augmentative and alternative communication (AACD) devices allow "clients with an expressive speech language disorder to electronically represent vocabulary and express thoughts or ideas in order to meet their functional speech needs." AACD may only be considered for purchase after the client has completed a three-month trial with the requested system. In addition, AACD may be considered for prior authorization with the following documentation:

  • Information pertaining to the underlying diagnosis or condition, including the client’s overall physical and cognitive limitation, as well as, a diagnosis or condition causing the impairment of speech.
  • Limitations of the client's current communication abilities, systems, and devices
  • Statement as to the cost effectiveness of the systems versus alternatives
  • A complete description of the AACD and all accessories
  • Documentation stating that the client is mentally, emotionally,and physically capable of operating the device
  • An evaluation completed by a licensed Speech Language Pathologist (SLP), as well as a Occupational Therapist (OT) or Physical Therapist (PT)

Please feel free to visit our manufacturers websites for additional information.


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