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Specialty Bath Supports

Travis Medical prides itself on the wide selection of products we offer, which allows us to offer the most appropriate product selection and a perfect fit for each client. We offer products from a variety of manufacturers each offering a wide variety of features, sizes, colors, and accessories.

Specialty bath supports are most often recommended for and may be considered for prior authorization by Texas Medicaid for clients who have "physical limitations that do not allow for bathing, showering, or bathroom use without assistive equipment." Please note bath chairs are not considered for clients who are under the age of one or weigh less than 30 pounds. A bath chair by definition is a stationary or mobile seat with or without upper body or head support used to support a client who is unable to stand or sit independently in the shower or tub. Bath chairs are grouped into three different levels, each with different criteria as follows:

Level 1

  • Unable to stand independently, or are unstable while standing
  • Unable to independently enter or exit the shower due to limited functional use of the upper or lower extremities
  • Able to ambulate short distances (may be with an assistive device)
  • Defined as having a "short term" disability

Level 2

  • Non-ambulatory or have impaired functional ambulation, and
  • Have good upper body stability
  • Have a shower adapted for rolling equipment

Level 3

  • Requires trunk or head or neck support, or
  • Positioning to accommodate conditions such as spasticity or frequent uncontrolled seizures
  • Have a shower adapted for rolling equipment

Leckey Bath Chair

Please feel free to visit our manufacturers websites for additional information.

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