The Travis Story


Travis Medical was created and incorporated by the Yule family, in 1989. It was started with the simple goal to function as a profitable entity while serving the disabled community with dignity and respect. With humble beginnings, Travis Medical spent the early portion of the nineties operating out of a single suite at their original 34th street location in the medical district of Austin, TX. With few employees and a single goal, the Yule family embraced the laid back culture of Austin and offered an invitation to customers and employees alike to become a member of the extended family. This approach resonated with the medical community in Austin and with time Travis Medical began to experience growth.

Travis Medical’s early concentration was solely custom rehabilitative seating. Soon, Travis Medical added durable medical equipment, disposable medical supplies, respiratory equipment, equipment repairs and hospice solutions to their product offering. A new location was required to house the inventory for these new product lines and after several sleepless nights, Travis Medical opened its first warehouse. Along the way, the Yule family brought additional family leadership and guidance to the already expanding company. While this leadership encouraged new opportunities and growth, the small, family focused, customer oriented approach was never to be compromised.

Since then, the original warehouse has quadrupled in size and now acts as a distribution center supporting our satellite locations across Texas. With the addition of several new employees and locations, Travis Medical has experienced growth and prosperity. This growth can be directly attributed to the values on which Travis Medical was founded:

  • Value honesty
  • Demonstrate humility
  • Respect others
  • Promote positive reinforcement
  • Support and nurture family values
  • Encourage and enhance people's faith
  • Regard those with wisdom
  • Honor the gift of life
  • Focus on the mission statement

Travis Medical believes that through these values our employees, customers, and the patients we serve will experience more than just a job or equipment service. The Yule family began the company with an invitation to become part of the Travis Medical family and to this day the invitation stands.