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Urology Products

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Travis Medical offers a wide-ranging catalog of urology products and manufacturers to fit all your needs. Our Supply Services staff is well versed in the different product categories and can be a valuable resource for you. Urology products can and will be covered by different insurance providers and we are experts at the coverage details. Please call the Travis Medical Supply Services Department to try free samples or to place an order, we are here to help.


  • Intermittent – In and Out Catheter Cath Kit Image
    • Coude Tip
    • Straight Tip
  • Indwelling/Foley Cath
  • External/Condom Cath
  • Intermittent Cath Kits
  • Foley Insertion Tray
  • Foley Catheter Tray
  • Bed and Leg Bags
  • Lubrication Jelly